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MOVE Communications

Mobile Sales Presentation

Dec 2016
MOVE Communications
42 milligrams
HTML / CSS / JavaScript
iPad Pro
Custom Business Solution

Project Overview

MOVE Communications was in need of a creative solution to deliver a presentation on an iPad that could be updated and managed in real time. The presentation needed to retain the traditional usability of native iPad Applications, while favoring a more flexible platform.

MOVE Communications reached out to 42 milligrams to create a presentation that allowed for easy updating, last-minute changes, and immediate deployment.


This is a great example of how we can work in tandem with other marketing/creative agencies, and how our solution expanded functionality without additional costs. Plus, timing was a huge factor in this project — our team had two weeks to create, test and deploy this project for delivery to the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Originally, an iOS application was requested for delivery. Our team felt that with the short deadline, an HTML presentation would be the best delivery method. With the help of an iPad app called HTML Presenter Pro, our team built a portable presentation website. Utilizing JavaScript for swipe, pinch/zoom, animations, and click functions, the presentation seamlessly emulated native iPad functionality.

Creation of an actual iOS application would have limited the presentation to iOS devices. Built in HTML, the presentation can be viewed on multiple platforms without additional programming costs, including:

Platforms Include:

  • iOS Based Tablets (e.g. iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc.)
  • Android Based Tablets (e.g. Google Pixel C, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, etc.)
  • Windows Based Tablets (e.g. Microsoft Surface)
  • Stand Alone Kiosks
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers

A second presentation was created for the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show with no additional programming costs. Graphics were re-created, implementing the new language and placed into the application. Within minutes, the presentation was ready for review and deployment.

About the Client

MOVE Communications, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a marketing firm specializing in strategic and creative services. MOVE has been helping clients successfully develop and build their brands for over three decades.

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