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2021 MarCom Platinum Award
Lear Capital

Lear Capital Flipbooks

Nov 2018
42 milligrams / Craft Promotions
42 milligrams
HTML / CSS / JavaScript
Desktop / Tablet
Custom Web Solution

Project Overview

Lear Capital was looking for a more interesting way to distribute information to potential customers interested in investng in gold an silver. They were looking for a way to keep the customer engaged as they learned the benefits of investing in precious metals.

Lear Capital and Craft Promotions reached out to 42 milligrams to create a flipbook that could incorporate video, animation, and user interactivity while maintaining the look at feel of their print brochures.


The 42 milligrams development team created a proof of concept flipbook that met all the requirements within 3 business days. After the demo was reviewed, our team was awarded the project and production started on the first brochure. The first brochure was a 21 page flipbook and was released to the sales team as a pilot in 2018. After the wide acceptance of the pilot digital brochure, as well cost savings over print, the sales team requested that all print brochures be converted to digital as an additional tool for distributing information.

Features and Benefits of the Digital Brochure
With each brochure created, the amount of print collateral needed was reduced. This translated to a huge cost savings for Lear Capital. In additon, the cost of each new brochure went down since each feature was built as a re-usable control. There are several advantages to digital brochures; Important updates can be made and distributed within minutes of changes being made, and data can be fetched and displayed in real-time. In adition to these benefits, brochures includes each of the features listed below:

  • Fully Animated Page Turns
    • Click and Drag Page Turning
    • Previous and Next Button Clicking
    • Left and Right Arrow Keyboard Navigation
  • Video Implementation
    • Auto or Manual Play Options
    • Auto Pause Functionality After Leaving Page
    • Auto Start Functionality After Returning to Page
    • Full Screen Playback Option
  • Chart Implementation
    • Bar, Line, and Pie Charts
    • Animated or Static Builds
    • Real-Time or Static Data
    • Timed Sequencing Elements
    • Auto Chart Reset After Leaving Page
  • User Interactivity
    • Click to View Additional Information
    • Hover for Full Descriptions
    • Auto Reset After Leaving Page
  • Animated Page Builds
    • Auto Page Builds (Single or Double Page Spreads)
    • Auto Start Functionality After Returning to Page
    • Timed Sequencing Across Multiple Pages
    • Auto Sequence Reset After Leaving Page

About the Client

Lear Capital is America's highest rated Precious Metals Investment Dealer for the third year in a row with the highest customer satisfaction. With over $2B in precious metals transactions since 1997, Lear Capital means business. Maintaining a best-in-class 98.4% aggregate customer satisfaction rating.

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