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Amphibious Medics

ZOHO Recruit Integration

Nov 2017
42 milligrams
42 milligrams
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API Integration

Project Overview

Amphibious Medics was looking for a way to allow employment candidates to register, and current employees to apply for positions using their current recruiting software (ZOHO Recruit), without leaving their website.

Amphibious Medics reached out to 42 milligrams to integrate functionality from their ZOHO recruiting account into an employment section within their website. The integration would require users to be able to register, search, and apply for open employment positions.


The 42 milligrams development team seamlessly integrated several ZOHO Recruit components into the Amphibious Medics website to create a complete postion application process within a single environment. This solution involved combining the Amphibious Medics User Authentication as well as ZOHO Recruits Account Management, Job Listing, and Position Application APIs. Each component invovled it's own implementation level, as described below.

Amphibious Medics User Authentication
The first required integration was User Authentication. Amphibious Medics requires applicants to have an active account in order to apply for a position. Since this was a new integeration a method had to be created to bring existing ZOHO user IDs into the Amphibious Medics account creation process, as well as allow new accounts to be created in both systems simultaneously. A system was developed that linked accounts from ZOHO with accounts on the Amphibious Medics website – allowing ZOHO Recruit to be the database of record for candidate information and the Amphibious Medics website to hold all authentication information. User Account functionality included such features as:

  • System Login/Logout
  • Account Creation
  • Email Confirmation
  • Password Recovery

ZOHO Job Position Listing
Position listings are always available to see, so user authentication was not required for this element. Our team built in a data retreival process that would request all listings from ZOHO Recruit. Once all data was retreived, we created a process to store and filter data as required by potentional candidates. Available Position Listings functionality included such features as:

  • Ability to Search Positions, Locations, and Experience Levels
  • Result Display Options
  • State and Position Type Filtering
  • Column Sorting

ZOHO Account Management
Once a user is authenticated, they have the ability to manage their account. A benefit of ZOHO Recruit is providing companies the ability to make custom forms that fit their specific needs. This means that all field specification data, validation requirements, and form submission is controlled by ZOHO. Our challenge was to bring this form, with it's functionality, into the Amphibious Medics website - and make it look like it belonged there. Our development team dropped in the ZOHO form and skinned every element to create this seamless integration.

ZOHO Postion Application
Much like the Account Management, the Postion Application can only be accessed if the user is authenticated. This integration was very similar to the Account Management process, with only a slight difference – the fact that it also needed a position ID to allow the account infomation to be applied to the desired position.

After each component was integrated, the final product was a complete employment recruiting system that maintained the look and feel of the Amphibious Medics website, with the functionality of the recruitment software that they were already comfortable with.

About the Client

Amphibious Medics is America's largest network of construction medics, event medics, and set medics. Amphibious Medics offers major general contractors, industrial operators, and government agencies a comprehensive solution for on-site First Aid and EHS support customized to corporation's individual needs.

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